NASCAR on NBC podcast

Bristol: Peeling back the many layers of the Chase Elliott-Kevin Harvick confrontation; why so many cut tires at Bristol?; playoff surprises good and bad; should Bristol still race dirt?

Episode Summary

NASCAR on NBC analyst Jeff Burton on the Chase Elliott-Kevin Harvick confrontation at Bristol Motor Speedway; playoff surprises; and more proof that points matter more than ever.

Episode Notes

NASCAR on NBC analyst Jeff Burton on analyzing the initial contact between Chase Elliott-Kevin Harvick (2:00); why Harvick has plausible deniability in what Jeff says was a racing incident (4:30); why the rash of cut tires at Bristol? (6:30); the most interesting and compelling part of Chase’s interview for Burton (8:30); does Chase really need to prove himself in Year 6 of being in Cup? (10:30): is there a generational aspect to their differing viewpoints of what happened? (12:00); how drivers manage the balance between self-interest and building political capital (14:00); what Burton appreciated about how Elliott and Harvick handled their differences (15:30); was Chase in bounds by holding up Harvick to help Larson win (18:00); the case for how Elliott might have hurt himself by preventing Harvick from the victory (20:00); have Harvick and the 4 team turned a corner? (22:30); some surprises from the Gibbs teams, Penske and Kurt Busch (24:30); has the championship race reset to Larson, Hamlin and the field (26:30); the Xfinity Series finish (27:30); the importance of the regular-season championship and that points … still … matter (29:30); and breaking down how it affected the Cup and Xfinity races (31:30); what will become of Bristol’s dirt race after a wonderful weekend on the concrete? (33:00); tracing the recent history of Bristol’s racing (35:00); is Vegas to open the Round of 12 actually a bigger wild card than the Roval? (38:00).